Facor image filter is a software designed for enhancement of the diagnostic images. Facor filter reveals structures that are difficult or sometimes even impossible to see without processing. It makes images easier to read and more attractive visually.

The core

The "core" of Facor filter is the proprietary noise suppression algorithm. This algorithm was developed specifically for medical images. Therefore, Facor image processing conforms to the strictest demands of the medical community. Facor filter:

  • preserves all the real image structures
  • does not create any artifacts
  • makes clean and naturally looking images

Reliability and Quality

The reliability in detection of the image structures against a noise was the main design goal. Radiologists consider that Facor can suppress noise "surprisingly well" and preserve all the "real" image structures. There were no customers' complains related to Facor filter during its whole history. Today Facor spells:

  • 450+ installations all over the world
  • 14 years of clinical tests
  • 10 years of commercial use

Facor filter gives you the reliable basis for the exact diagnosis. It is the filter you can trust in.




The pattern

Sum of a noise and the pattern

Facor 3D™ filtered image