Facor Spectra™

This project is in a development phase. Please contact us to receive an information about its schedules and availability.


High performance spectrometer for Magnetic Resonance Imaging:

Facor Spectra™ is the electronic device designed to provide all the control and data acquisition functions for MRI machines:

  • RF pulse synthesis and gating
  • digitizing and processing of echo signals from receiver coils
  • gradient coils control
  • scheduling and synchronization of RF TX, RF RX, gradient and other systems
  • communications with MRI workstation

The best performance at affordable costs:

The keystone of our design is: the Simplicity is more effective than the Complexity.

  • simple and straightforward signal processing chains - to reduce the noise and distortions to minimal levels
  • the industry leading components in interfaces between digital and analog parts - to pass signals verbatim to and from digital parts
  • cost effective components in digital parts, that do not affect the quality

Our experience in signal processing software enables to handle by digital parts the tasks that are traditionally solved by analog parts. This is how we provide cost effective solutions with uncompromised performance.

Advanced features:

  • 16 bits RF synthesis and digitizing
  • 90 dB of the input channels' dynamic range
  • industry leading linearity of RF system: IP3 above 35 dBFS (related to the full scale)
  • high performance digital filtering of echo signals by Facor Spectra™ electronics
  • suitable for low, medium and high field MRI
  • 18 bits gradient pulse synthesis
  • flexible digital pre-emphasis of gradient pulses
  • ultra-fast gradient controls: supports precise gradient ramps as short as 0.1 ms
  • built-in correction of the main field drifts
  • the highest reliability secured by comprehensive self-tests
  • industrial temperature range (from -40 to +85° C)


  • clean and natural image look - due to no distortions in echo signals
  • reduced RF artifacts - due to high suppression of RF interference
  • better signal-to-noise ratio - due to low digitizing noise and digital filtering
  • cost reduction - Facor Spectra™ resolves problems that are traditionally handled by special hardware means
  • short development time of new pulse sequences - due to the high level scripting language compiler

Facor Spectra™ is a big step towards the high end MRI. The choice is yours!