Facor DR™ for X ray images


  • essential improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio
  • informative, clear and nice looking images
  • reduction of the roentgen dose combined with uncompromised image quality
  • quick and exact diagnosis


  • special sets of parameters (configurations) for X-ray applications
  • adaptivity: the same configuration is good for different anatomies and expositions
  • user friendly way to tune Facor configurations
  • fast image processing on the low cost computers: filtering of an X ray image 2080 x 2080 takes 3 s only


  • clear and informative images without a noise and artifacts
  • new opportunity to reduce the roentgen dose and at the same time preserve the image quality
  • improvement of a patient care as a result of the lower dose and better image quality

To be one step ahead. Facor™


Raw image

Facor filtered image