Facor™ Demo

Supported platforms

Facor demo distributive is available for Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT. Please contact us to request Facor demo for other platforms.

Facor Demo includes:

  • image viewer
  • Facor image filter and configuration files
  • Merge eFilm Workstation™ filter interface
  • Facor licensing tools

Image viewer features:

  • support of DICOM, TIFF, JPEG, PNG and Windows BMP image file formats
  • ability to save images and to convert image formats
  • contains interface to Facor filter
  • includes Facor configuration editor
  • high quality interpolation
  • zoom and shift images by a mouse move
  • brightness and contrast variations by a mouse move
  • advanced tools to compare images

Facor image filter

The demo distributive contains "demo" version of Facor filter. This is the only part of demo distributive that has limited functionality. Here are the limitations of the demo version of Facor filter:

  • demo version does not supports images smaller than 192 x 192
  • the demo filter processes some randomly selected squares 180 x 180
  • the unprocessed parts of an image remain unchanged
  • the demo license expires in one month after download
  • 3D filtering is not supported by the demo version
  • the interpolation parameters are ignored

Merge eFilm™ Workstation interface

Facor Demo includes DLLs that allows to use Facor filter as a "customer" filter of eFilm™ Workstation. All the advanced functions (like Facor Configuration Editor) are also available via eFilm™ Workstation user interface.


Facor licensing tools

These tools allow to register Facor filter and to download the commercial version. You need an Internet connection in order to register our products.

The Demo Distributive

Approximate file size is 3 MB.