Facor Shim™


Shimming server:

Facor Shim™ is an Internet service. It provides instructions on placing shim elements based on measurement results. Facor Shim™ supports all types of MRI magnets: "open" magnets and "traditional" (tube) magnets, permanent magnets and super conducting ones... Its comprehensive algorithm looks for a most effective position of shim elements to compensate field distortions.

Set up phase:

  • you provide us the principal dimensions of your magnet
  • we develop a model for your magnet
  • you purchase several Magnet Identification Numbers. These numbers allow access to Shim service

Shimming by Internet:

  • you connect to Facor Shim Server using one of your Magnet Identification Numbers
  • Facor Shim Server shows the initialization instructions
  • you measure the field at the specified points and upload the results to Shim Server
  • the new instructions are available on the server in about 3 minutes
  • shimming stops when the requested level of homogeneity is reached

After shimming support:

  • our system allows to view the complete history of your magnets
  • we store the history of your magnets on our server and in our back up system virtually forever
  • an information about shim elements allows to re-shim your magnets easily


  • field homogeneity as good as 10 - 30 ppm for a common open magnet
  • fast shimming: you take the most effective steps to improve the field quality
  • the resulting field quality does not depend on an experience of your employees
  • effortless keeping of quality records on all magnets - essential for FDA and CE approval

Facor Shim™: get the most of your magnet