The way or "style" Facor filter changes an image is controlled by configuration files. Facor configuration files vary from the simplest ones that contain no more than few parameters to complex programs. Thus Facor filter gives you a way to get precisely that image look you like.

Basic functions

Image processing consists of several "basic" functions. They are:

  • noise suppression
  • edge enhancement
  • edge smoothing
  • contrast enhancement

Facor filter allows to select the strength of each of these basic functions irrespectively on all others. This feature distinguishes Facor filter from other filters suitable for diagnostic images.


Combining functions

Facor allows to combine basic functions. It means that you can get exactly that image look you like. Furthermore Facor filter allows to tune these functions differently for structures of specific size. And each function has different "flavors". This is a way to form the huge variety of Facor configurations. Facor sets no limits for your imagination!


An Art of Image Processing

The first objective of an image filter is to make informative images. However, it is also important to make nice looking and aesthetic images. Due to its unique flexibility, Facor filter allows to create different "styles" or "looks" of the same image. Depending on your wishes, Facor makes a smooth and "tender" image look or sharp and "strong" look. We consider creation of a new image processing style to be an art.