Facor 3D™ for MRI 3D images

Typically a medical examination includes number of scans with different slice orientation. It takes a long time. Sometime a single examination appears to be insufficient. A doctor has to scan a patient again.

High resolution 3D sequences solve this problem because they provide the same resolution in all directions. You can scan a patient once and then get slices of arbitrary orientation by MPR - almost as easy as vary image brightness.

However high resolution 3D sequences find a limited application in MRI diagnostics due to their poor signal-to-noise ratio. Facor 3D solves this problem. It is enough to scan a patient just ones and apply Facor 3D.


  • eliminate a need to re-scan patients
  • simplify selection of the slice orientation and position
  • make scans by technicians, not by radiologists
  • increase the patient throughput

Advanced features:

  • structures of any orientation are enhanced equally good (all 2D filters are able to look for structures in a single slice only)
  • images look "naturally" even at highest noise suppression factors
  • practical filtering time: the 3D image 270 x 288 x 144 is processed in 34 s on Intel® workstation


  • availability of fast high resolution 3D MRI sequences in clinical routine
  • flexibility in selection of the slice orientation: by MPR on the local workstation
  • less reasons to re-scan patients
  • higher patient throughput

To do what others can not. Facor 3D™


Raw image

Facor 3D filtered image