Facor 3D™ for Angio images

Angio images by their nature show continuous vessels in the 3D space. Therefore 3D image filter is inherently the best filter for such images. Facor 3D is the only commercial image filter suitable for 3D diagnostic images.


  • better visualization of small and medium vessels irrespectively on their direction
  • high vessel to background contrast
  • clean and easy to read MR Angio images

Advanced features:

  • vessels of any direction are processed equally good
  • visualization of small vessels that otherwise disappear due to their orientation or low brightness
  • fast filtering: Facor 3D™ processes 3D Angio image 208 x 288 x 65 in 7 s


  • dark background and bright vessels
  • smooth look of vessels in all MIP projections
  • informative and clear MR Angio images

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MIP for raw image

MIP for Facor 3D filtered image