Our Partners

Philips Medical Systems MR Technologies Finland

This company uses Facor™ filter in Outlook™ and (later) Panorama 0.23 T™ and Panorama 0.6 T™ Magnetic Resonance scanners since 1999. We are very grateful to our colleagues from Finland for their contribution to the image filter evaluation and valuable advises on Facor's improvements.

We are using Facor image filter since the beginning of 1999 for our low field open MR products. Facor filters allow us to emphasize some competitive advantages of our MRI scanners. For example, today we offer high resolution, isotropic 3D methods. Facor 3D is a key that makes these applications available in the clinical routine. They offer a new approach that helps our customers to answer some challenging questions in diagnostic imaging. Although the company that offers this filter is small, we have never experienced any difficulties in support of Facor products. In short, Facor is a high quality filter for our high quality MRI scanners.

Thomas Andreae
Director Marketing
Philips Medical Systems MR Technologies Finland

Beijing Wandong Medical Equipment Company, Ltd. (China)

Philips and Neusoft Medical Systems Company, Ltd. (China)

Shanghai Colorful Magnetic Resonance Company, Ltd (China)

Shenzhen Anke High-Tech Company, Ltd (China)

We thank all our partners for cooperation!